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I was so honored to have my hero and main inspiration Herbie Hancock sign his book for me and a CD that we both appeared on. "Thank you" for sharing your amazing creativity and journey in life and song.   

Hubert Eaves III.

Herbie Hancock - Oct. 2014

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Reflected in his musical endeavors are more than fifty years of dedication and passion to music, a passion that was ignited when Hubert’s father started teaching him to play the piano.

Hubert’s versatility encompasses: Jazz, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, and Gospel. The list of artists with whom Hubert has played, recorded, written and/or arranged, or produced is extensive. These artist’s include: Roberta Flack, Miles Davis, Stephanie Mills, Phyllis Hyman, Luther Vandross, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Biggie Smalls, Rakim, The Spinners, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, Gary Bartz, Jackie Mclean, Freddy Hubbard, The Brecker Bros. and Mtume.

Hubert’s most noted work, however, came out of an eight-year collaboration with James “DTrain” Williams: a five-album catalog for which Hubert was the founder, producer, co-writer/arranger and keyboardist.  Together their collaboration resulted in two number one Billboard charted hits, that have become dance classics, “Keep On” and “You’re the One for Me”.

Such successes have steadily led Hubert toward realizing his ultimate dream: to create and produce music that will reflect the unique experiences of his musical journey through his connection to the Almighty Universe, and to share his gift of music with all who will listen.

    Where is the direction of music is going?
"Wherever the Strong Cats Take It"  - Legendary jazz drummer -Roy Haynes-

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